New Delhi:

Dispelling doubts about reports of people contracting coronavirus after the second dose of vaccine, Director and Medical Superintendent, RML Hospital Dr Rana Anil Kumar Singh on Wednesday said after inoculation no death has been reported and severity of Covid is also reduced.

Dr Singh also urged people to take the vaccine at the earliest and asked others to follow Covid appropriate behaviour.

"If you look at the statistics, those who got vaccinated then scant minority do contract the virus and get infected. One thing is clear that there is not a single case of those who got vaccinated and contracted the disease died. If by chance you contract the disease, you have got practical immunity against fatality. Secondly those who are vaccinated then if they contract virus then it never takes severe form. In many cases people will never even get to know that they have contracted virus. Those who got vaccinated may contract the disease but disease doesn't take serious form in them.

"So this is the kind of benefit which this vaccine is giving. We have not seen that those who got vaccinated and contracted the disease died. It doesn't take a severe form in those who got vaccinated. We should grab the earliest opportunity to get vaccinated," Dr Singh said.

The RML director was answering the question about reports on beneficiaries contracting Covid after inoculation.

On Thursday, amidst a growing surge in Covid-19 cases across the country, the government will roll out the third phase of its vaccination drive from April 1.