New Delhi:

Organisations are strategically investing in workplace technology to improve success metrics and attract employees for whom cutting edge tech is more important than other office amenities, says a study.


According to Adobe's the Future of Work: APAC study, released today, workplace technology is rated above all other office amenities like relaxation area, beautiful office design and access to food and beverages.


"In the current Experience Business era, smart organisations are realising that outstanding customer experiences hinge on their ability to attract the best people,"Abdul Jaleel, vice president, People Resources, Adobe India said adding that businesses are strategically investing in workplace technologies to drive productivity and deliver a compelling experience for employees.


Moreover, technology also enables work-life balance for office workers across APAC and India as round the clock availability and ability to work across all their devices, accelerates workplace productivity.


On artificial intelligence (AI), respondents from India were anxious about the impact of these new technologies on their jobs, but 95 per cent were optimistic about using AI to perform mundane tasks.


Interestingly, 48 per cent office workers in India would continue their current jobs even if they won a lottery (versus 28 per cent in APAC), and 37 per cent of Indian respondents said they would use the lottery money to pursue their dream careers.


The study further said the key contributors for overall motivation to work include supporting their lifestyle choices and families and the top three factors to work at the current organisation include salary and perks, the ability to advance in the company.


The Future of Work: APAC Study engaged more than 4,700 APAC office workers who use a computer daily for work and examined how the roles of people, experiences and machines are evolving and transforming workplaces. Research was conducted from October 17 to November 13, 2017.