Starting next month, it will be mandatory for all cabs and autos in Delhi to have QR codes compatible with the 'Himmat Plus' app, which will allow commuters to get details about the driver and share it with their family. 

The Transport Department has made the QR codes a mandatory permit condition for cabs and autos plying on the city roads. 


The decision was taken in Delhi's State Transport Authority (STA) board meeting last month. The board had decided that the codes will be displayed conspicuously and in an accessible manner in vehicles of permit holders. 

"From mid-June, Himmat Plus compatible QR codes will be mandatory for permit holders of all autos, taxis and other public service vehicles. Violations will invite penalty of Rs 5000," officials said. 


The Department is working out modalities for QR codes with Traffic Police that has already collected data base of over 3,000 drivers, they said. 

The emergency app was launched in 2017 as a measure for safety of women passengers, in some cabs plying from the airport. It was later extended to cover autos and e rickshaws picking up passengers from select Metro stations.

The app was 'upgraded' in February this year to make it able to scan QR codes in cabs and autos.