Job searches for remote work or work from home in the country have increased by over 442 per cent between February and July, the highest globally, according to a report.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, many jobs have rapidly become work-from-home jobs at least temporarily and with the flexibility and a variety of career options, it has become more popular than ever, global job site Indeed said in a report.

The job postings grew in sectors such as software technology, healthcare and marketing, while opportunities for delivery person and IT manager saw a steady rise, it said.

The report is based upon data from the Indeed platform from February to July.

Employers are beginning to notice the benefits of increased production and morale, leading to more opportunities for work-from-home and remote jobs, it noted.

According to the data, job searches for work from home in India have surged over 442 per cent between February and July, the highest globally.

"Flexibility has always been a vital aspect of job opportunities for job seekers, especially millennials, who today make up over half of India's working population," Indeed India Managing Director Sashi Kumar said.

Kumar added that in challenging times like these, being able to continue working remotely serves as an asset not only to the job seeker's skill set but also in helping the organisation maintain business continuity.

Jobseekers are responding by looking for opportunities to earn money from home, he added.