Falck Healthcare has partnered with global, leading health tech company, dacadoo, to create a unique digital healthcare universe named Falck Pulse. Falck Healthcare is the largest provider of occupational healthcare in the Nordics, and now the company will use anonymised health data and personal insights to keep employees healthy and fit for the labour market.


"With the launch of this intelligent healthcare universe, we aim at empowering employees to take responsibility for their own health. It will also enable us to provide the right support at the right time when the employee needs it," says Anette Damgaard, SVP of Falck Healthcare.


Early detection of health challenges
Falck Pulse will give employees easy access to both digital and physical counselling sessions with health experts, if the need for treatment arises. A solid insight into their own health is a must to make it easier for employees to understand and even prevent problems with lifestyle, sleep, nutrition as well as mental health. The dacadoo platform is based on 300 million accumulated years of anonymised clinical health data, which assists Falck Pulse in providing evidence-based, personalised feedback and coaching. Through artificial intelligence, digital self-help programmes are also provided in the areas of sleep, diet, exercise and stress, if needed.


“The solution provides a unique opportunity for early detection of employees’ health challenges which prevents longer-term sick leave and ultimately causes fewer employees to lose their employability,” explains Anette Damgaard.


“This will of course support the individual employee, but employers will also benefit from fewer sick days, fewer cases with loss of employability, reduction of cost, etc.”


Falck Healthcare

Falck Healthcare provides healthcare programmes covering more than 3 million people in Sweden, Denmark and Norway and provides more than 1 million muscular and psychological treatments per year.


Falck Healthcare’s customers are insurance companies, pension funds and private businesses providing healthcare programmes to their customers and employees. Its services include consultancy, visitation and guidance in call centres as well as physiological and psychological treatments. Through its employee healthcare programmes, Falck Healthcare helps reduce costs related to sickness-related absence and incapacity for work.