G Srinivasan, director, former CMD, New India Assurance

Agam was founded in 2016 by Avi Katz and Chak Raghunathan with the vision to create a cutting edge differentiated analytical platform


Agam Capital, an analytics driven platform strategically partnering with insurance companies to explore opportunities to enhance their financial flexibility, today announced that it has created an advisory board of leading insurance executives from across the globe.

Gary “Doc” Huffman, John Wight and Gopalan Srinivasan will join as the inaugural members of its Strategic Advisory Board, said the company.

These seasoned professionals will further enable Agam to meet its goal of helping insurance companies deploy their capital more efficiently while minimizing risk,

Agam’s team of experts have a global reach with offices in the USA, Canada, Bermuda, and India.

“We welcome these world class executives to the Agam team,” stated Agam’s co-founders Avi Katz and Chak Raghunathan.

“The opportunity to leverage the breadth and depth of their collective wisdom will enable us to further accelerate Agam’s growth trajectory by expanding into new products and geographies.”

Gary “Doc” Huffman joined Ohio National in 2008 as Vice Chairman and has more than 40 years of experience in the financial services industry.

John Wight is an Independent Senator in the Bermuda Parliament and currently serves as the Chairman of Agam Bermuda ISAC Ltd.

Srinivasan is currently chairman of AgamAnalytics Private and is spearheading the establishment of Agam’s platform in the Indian life, retirement, and health market.

He was most recently the director of National Insurance Academy of India. Prior to that he had 39 years of experience in the insurance industry both in India and abroad.

He was chairman and managing director of New India Assurance Company, the largest Indian multinational general insurer, between 2012 and 2018.

“I am delighted to be part of the Strategic Advisory Board and in the company of experienced and talented executives to help contribute to the growth of Agam Capital. This will be a non-executive assignment for me,” said Srinivasan adding that he is yet to decide where he will take up a regular job after completing his innings at Pune based National Insurance Academy.

“The value Agam brings to the table as an analytics driven platform contributing to the efficiency of insurance companies is phenomenal. I see a tremendous future for Agam across the world and its proposed entry into the Indian insurance space is exciting considering the huge growth potential of the Indian market coupled with recent policy reforms,” he added.

Agam Capital

Agam was founded in 2016 by Avi Katz and Chak Raghunathan with the vision to create a cutting edge differentiated analytical platform. The execution towards this vision continued with the development of pALM, Agam’s proprietary asset and liability management (ALM) system. In addition, Agam Bermuda ISAC Ltd., is registered as a Class E insurer by the Bermuda Monetary Authority and offers a comprehensive suite of operational, management and governance services to its associated Incorporated Segregated Account (ISA) companies.