Digit Insurance today announced that it crossed a landmark achievement of two million customers within a short span of 16 months of operation.


During the tenure the company has also closed more than 30,000 claims this March 2019 with 92% claim settlement ratio for private cars own damage, 91 per cent for two-wheelers own damage, 99.5% for domestic travel, 97 per cent  for mobile and 93 per cent  for international travel during the period April 2018 to February 2019.

Digit’s Chairman, Kamesh Goyal said, “The one thing that has got us this far, this quick is our strong foundation, our mission of simplifying insurance for people on the back on simple documents, simple processes and reimagined products with real benefits.”


He added, “As we strive to achieve bigger milestones, our focus in the coming year would be to further simplify claims, using technology as an enabler, for example with processes like Video Calls during Claims and to launch more products that would challenge the standard products available in the market currently.”


Digit started its operations in October 2017, and it has expanded its distribution through its direct channel partners including e-commerce giants like Policybazaar, Flipkart and Cleartrip. Digit Insurance has built a strong network of 1500 strategic partners including agents, brokers and dealers. Today, the company has a presence in large and small cities and towns alike, through its distribution network.