With Pravin Kutumbe, member, Finance & Investment,IRDA,retiring today from his post, after completing his three-year stint, both of his portfolios have been distributed between SN Rajeswari, member,Distribution and PK Arora, member, Actuaries, till a new member, F& I is appointed by the government.

While Rajeswari will be handling portfolios like Finance and Accounts, Arora will be managing investment portfolio.

The government has already advertised the post of member,(F& I).

The applicant should preferably have at least 25 years’ experience in the area of finance and investment, with a minimum of three years’ experience at a senior level, not below the rank of a Chief General Manager of the Reserve Bank of India or equivalent thereto in other financial institutions or regulatory bodies.

An applicant from the regulatory sector should preferably have worked at least as executive director in the regulatory body A private sector applicant should preferably have worked at the level of functional head at a level which is at least one level immediately below the Board level, mentions the advertisement..