The Uttar Pradesh Health Department has cautioned people against falling prey to tricksters seeking Aadhaar card numbers, one-time-passwords and bank details telephonically on the pretext of getting them registered for anti-Covid vaccination.

A Gorakhpur district health official said the state government has launched no plan as yet to get general people inoculated against Covid as the state’s priority is to vaccinate frontline anti-Covid workers.

Accordingly, the phone calls being made allegedly on behalf of the state Health Department officials to the general public to get themselves registered for inoculation after sharing their Aadhar card numbers, OTP, bank details etc are sham and people must not fall prey to such calls, Gorakhpur CMO Dr Srikant Tiwari said.

"There is no need of giving any detail to anyone in the name of registration for vaccination as people could become victims of cyber crimes," he cautioned.