Four minor earthquakes were recorded in the Porbandar area in Gujarat's Saurashtra region on Saturday, officials said.

No casualty or damage to property was reported.

There were two quakes of magnitude 3.3 and 3 near Porbandar at 8.05 am and 9.44 am, said the Gandhinagar-based Institute of Seismological Research (ISR).

Another two tremors of magnitude 2.2 and 1.8 were also felt with epicenters near Porbandar at 8.26 am and 1.09 am, it said.

The first, magnitude 3.3 quake had its epicenter 31 km NNE from Porbandar, while the one with magnitude 3 intensity had its epicenter 31 km NNE from Porbandar, said the institute.

The 2.2 magnitude tremor had its epicenter 34 km NNE from Porbandar, and the 1.8 magnitude one had its epicenter 29 km NNE from the town, the ISR said.