With an aim to enhance cyber security, markets regulator Sebi is looking to put in place a new set of guidelines, wherein fingerprint or eye-scan will be required for stock trading through mobile applications.


The markets watchdog has sought comments from the market participants like brokers, traders and stock exchanges in this regard, and a final regulation will be put in place after taking into account views of all the stakeholders, regulatory sources said.


In case of applications installed on smartphones and tablets, traders and retail investors may need biometric authentication to buy and sell stocks, according to Sebi's proposal.

Further, it has been proposed that after few failed log-in bids, investors' account might be locked till fresh authentication is completed. For fresh authentication, an e-mail or one-time password may be sent to investors.

According to market experts, small brokers, who operate on low margins, may face difficulties in implementing the proposed guidelines.

The development comes against the backdrop of instances of cyberattacks on systems in different parts of the world including India.

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) is of the view that sophisticated cyber security and cyber resilience measures are required for the capital market.