Coming to the rescue of an elderly woman, whose son allegedly failed to look after her, the district social welfare tribunal has declared a gift deed void and restored the property to her, official sources said.

M Adharsh, Deputy Collector-cum-head, Karaikal District Social Welfare Tribunal, passed the order restoring the property on Friday.


The senior citizen had earlier lodged a complaint with the Deputy Collector stating that her son was not offering her basic amenities after she gifted her property to him.


She had also stated that she was ailing and did not have anyone else to look after her.


Following the complaint, the Deputy Collector carried out an inquiry.


Later, he passed orders declaring the transfer of property to the son void and restoredit to the mother under sections 4(2) and 23(1) of the Maintenance and Welfare of the Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007.