New Delhi:

Since, domestic flights resumed in India from May 25, 16 passengers in three different airlines have tested positive for COVID-19.


The government had suspended all domestic flights for over two months in light of the COVID-19 pandemic-led lockdown and international flights from India is yet to resume.


A total of 12 asymptomatic passengers, who travelled onboard four flights operated by domestic carrier IndiGo have tested positive for COVID-19, the airline said on May 28.


SpiceJet had said on May 27 that two of its passengers who travelled from Ahmedabad to Guwahati via Delhi on May 25 tested positive for COVID-19.


Three passengers who travelled on a Delhi-Jammu flight on May 26, six passengers who were on a Bengaluru-Coimbatore flight on May 27, two passengers who were on a Delhi-Coimbatore flight on May 27 and one passenger who was on a Bengaluru-Madurai flight on May 27 tested positive for the novel coronavirus, the Indogo said.

On May 28 evening, IndiGo said in a statement, "A few asymptomatic passengers who travelled on IndiGo flights were discovered to be COVID-19 positive on May 28, 2020. This included 3 passengers on 6E 955 from Delhi to Jammu on May 26, 6 passengers on board 6E 6992 from Bengaluru to Coimbatore on May 27 and 2 passengers on 6E 908 from Delhi to Coimbatore on May 27.


Earlier during the day, the airline said in another statement, "An asymptomatic passenger who travelled on IndiGo on 6E 7214 from Bangalore to Madurai on May 27, 2020 was discovered to be COVID-19 positive during the mandatory testing at the quarantine facility in Madurai on 27th May."


The passenger had observed all precautionary measures, including wearing face mask, face shield and gloves, like other passengers on the aircraft, IndiGo added.


"All our aircraft are regularly sanitized as a standard operating procedure, and the aircraft operating these flights were immediately disinfected as per protocol," the airline said in both the statements.


"The operating crew has been home quarantined for 14 days and we are in the process of notifying other passengers as per the government guidelines, to ensure safety of our passengers and staff," it said in both the statements.

Two passengers who travelled on SpiceJet flights from Ahmedabad to Delhi (SG-8194) and Delhi to Guwahati (SG-8152) have tested positive for COVID-19.


Tests were conducted at Guwahati after landing and the passengers were quarantined, according to a SpiceJet spokesperson. The reports came in on May 27, following which the operating crew has been quarantined while the passengers on the same flights are being notified by the airline in coordination with government agencies.


"The operating crew has been quarantined and SpiceJet is coordinating with government agencies in notifying other passengers who had travelled with them. SpiceJet has been strictly adhering to all SoPs and social distancing norms laid down by the government," the spokesperson said.