One of the biggest challenges one faces when working from home during the lockdown period is to keep nutrition in check, says a nutritionist.


Nutritionist Pooja Makhija says being hydrated, keeping a check on caffeine consumption, planning meal times, keeping away from junk foods and not eating at one's desk are extremely crucial.


It is extremely essential to complete 8-12 glasses intake of water daily, she said. Being hydrated also acts as a barrier to potential unnecessary snacking because most of the people often confuse thirst with hunger.


"Dehydration can lead to fatigue and affect your productivity. Best way to keep a monitor on your water intake is by setting hourly reminders on your phone or setting a target to complete a jug of water by EOD (end of day) just like your work tasks," Makhija said.


According to her, one has to try to be mindful of how much caffeine one is consuming and when, as drinking it too late can affect sleep cycle. Too much caffeine can cause digestive issues like 'more' acidity and gas, anxiety and headaches. "Try and stick to two cups of coffee, and avoid excess creamers and sugar."


Since one is not working according to a scheduled time zone, it is important to not skip any meals. Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day and ensuring your breakfast is healthy is essential.


"Repurpose your 30-minute commute time by preparing a healthy and sufficient breakfast meal filled with oats, fruits, protein and rich in fibre foods. Schedule all your other meals as well, be it lunch, dinner or even your evening snack break," she said.


She suggested that trigger foods like junk and chocolate that tempt one to snack or over-indulge should be cleared from the cupboards. "Stock up your pantry with healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, rich in fibre foods, healthy fats, etc…"


"You might be tempted to continue working through your lunch break especially while working from home. Dont do it.


It can lead to distractions and lead to over-eating and decreased satiety from the meal. Instead, get up and enjoy your meal properly. This will enable a balanced meal, proper chewing and avoid excess-eating," Makhija said.