According to the internal data analysed by the ICICI Lombard General Insurance  the total number of claims filed by policy holders who have been diagnosed with diabetes has gone down in the year 2019-2020 by 44 per cent. The average claims filed under the spouse and children category have seen a constant trajectory for the past three years with minor hike. Despite the overall claims observing a downward trend, the claims for parents & in-laws has observed an upward shift.

However, despite the fact that the overall claims are observing a downward trend, the number of claims filed by women is on a rise. It can be seen that the claims filed by men has been observing a strong downward trend.

NCR has the highest number of claims followed by Mumbai.NCR has observed a downward shift in the number of claims for the past 3 years whereas, Mumbai on the other hand had been witnessing an upward trend for the past 2 years but the claims from Mumbai too has gone down this year.The percentage share of all major cities has observed a downward trend because of a lesser number of claims raised throughout the country in the year 2019-20


The data analysed by the ICICI Lombard GI is from April 1, 2017 to September 30, 2019 and considers both group and individual policies. The World Diabetes Day falls on November 14, 2019,