.For the first time, Indian government has launched a project to find out “unique Indian body structure”.


The project `dubbed Size India’ implemented by the textiles ministry, with National Institute of Fashion Technology as the nodal body, involves scanning and measuring 25,000 men and women in the age group of 15-65 years across six major cities to come up with an extensive size chart that reflects the “unique Indian body structure”.


The survey is to be completed by 2021.


The cities are: Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Shillong. Basic data, including gender, locality and age, will be collated for the survey for which Rs 30 crore have been earmarked. While the first phase of the survey will focus on a size chart for ages 15-65 years, the second phase will map the sizes for children, and for footwear.

According to media reports,whole body scanners will capture accurate 3D body maps, building a database of measurements. The scan will use over 120 measurements to form the basis of the size chart that will be representative of the Indian population.The scanning process will take around 15 minutes per scan, she said. NIFT will set up three full body scanners across the six cities for the process. 


“We will try to tap the maximum diversity of ethnicity so that the data are truly representative. The six cities have been chosen based on location,” said NIFT director general Sarada Muraleedharan.


It will need to be updated after 10 years, though the next survey can be done at asmaller level, said Anand. The size chart, besides being a help to consumers, is expected to be beneficial to the apparel industry. “A standardised size chart for Indian apparel will be of tremendous value, as it will lead to a reduction of returns,” said Rajesh Shah, chairman of NIFT board.