The Reserve Bank is in discussions with the government to ensure that the mega bank merger process is carried out in a non-disruptive, governor Shatikanta Das said Friday.


The critical issue is to ensure that the process of transition following the merger should be in the most non- disruptive manner, he said.

Last month, the government had announced creation of four large state-run banks by merging ten of them. The will take down the number of total state-owned banks to 12 from the 19 this April.


"This is an issue which is also being discussed between the government and the RBI so as to ensure that the entire process of transition is non-disruptive," Das said at an India Today event.


The governor said the transition has to be non- disruptive in terms of credit disbursements, loan repayments, loan collections and all other functions of banking should not be affected.


Of the 10 banks getting merged, only a few of them have so far recieved the board mandate and none of them have moved the RBI seeking approvals.