New Delhi:

Prime Minster Narendra Modi on Friday said that the government has set a target of setting up 12,500 Ayush centres across India, 4000 of which will be set up this year.


Speaking at Yoga Awards ceremony here, he also stressed for the need to create a homogenous system by creating an "Ayush grid" on the lines of one nation, one tax and one nation, one mobility card.


Modi said the country has rich literature on curing serious illnesses dating back thousands of years but there has been little success in linking this ancient knowledge with modernity.


He also said through the Ayush Ministry, work has been underway for five years to change this approach by validating the ancient research in laboratories and presenting it in a way medical science can also understand.


The prime minister also asserted that if the healthcare system of the country has to be transformed, it has to be approached in a holistic manner by strengthening the combined power of traditional and modern medicines.


"We have literature dating back thousands of years. Vedas have references of curing serious illnesses. Unfortunately, we have achieved little success in linking this ancient research, the treasure trove of knowledge, with modernity.


He said this will remove silos in the area of Ayush.


The prime minister also pitched for linking technology with tradition in the practise of Ayush medicine.


He said the government was working towards bringing in more professionals in the field of Ayush and necessary steps are being taken to that effect.

"In the last five years, we have tried to change this. We prepared a scientific basis of it by validating it in laboratories. We presented it in a way that the medical science can also understand," he said.

He noted that emphasis is being laid on making Ayush an important part of the country's healthcare system.


"We are opening 1.5 lakh health, wellness centres," he added.