A total of 55,369 cases of theft and 1,570 robberies took place inside running trains in the last three and a half years, officials said on Sunday. 

According to data collated by Indian Railways, between January and June this year, 9,222 cases of thefts of passengers' belongings were registered whereas the number of robberies stood at 159. 

In addition, 89 incidents of victims being robbed after being sedated were reported. A total of 1,378 people were arrested during this period, officials said. 


In 2017, 18,936 cases of luggage theft were reported along with 415 robberies. A total of 27 dacoities took place inside trains and 155 passengers were robbed after being sedated. The police arrested 3,898 people. 

Similarly, in 2016, 14,619 luggage thefts took place and 441 robbery cases were reported. A total of 218 passengers were sedated and robbed and 3,331 people were arrested. 


While in 2015, cases of luggage theft stood at 12,592 and 555 robberies and dacoities were reported. A total of 284 passengers were robbed after being sedated and the police arrested 3151 culprits. 


According to officials, the maximum number of theft cases were reported from Central Railway at 3907 followed by Western Railway (2844), Northern railway (2480) and Southern Railway (2093). 


At 81, the maximum robberies took place in Northern Railway followed by Western Railway (68) and Central Railway (54). 


In addition, 394 CCTV's were installed at different platforms across the country to maintain a strict vigil, the officials said. 


In case of an emergency, passengers can dial the helpline number 182 which is operational, the officials further said. 


The data revealed that robbery and dacoity cases showed a minor dip in 2017 as compared to 2016 though, incidents of theft rose marginally. 


The Railway Ministry officials informed that the state police was responsible for the safety of 2200 trains while the Railway Police monitors another 2500 trains.