New Delhi:
The Delhi High Court Tuesday asked the AAP government to give more publicity to Covid-19 helplines in newspapers on a daily basis so that people know where to go in case of a need. A bench of Justices Vipin Sanghi and Jasmeet Singh said a corner or column on a page could be dedicated for these helplines in the newspapers and remarked that the government was lagging behind on this aspect.

"In newspapers, one does not find these inserts on a daily basis. These things should be there in the papers every day. Fix a corner or column, may be on page 1 or page 3. Some column on a page should be dedicated to it daily so that people know where to go when they need it. People would be habituated. This is where you are lagging behind," the bench said.

It added that helpline numbers don't register in people's mind immediately and they might forget so they should be publicised daily so that citizens know that even if they don't need it today, they can find the helpline details at a particular place in the newspaper.

The court's observation came after the amicus curiae said if government could consider publicising more the helplines and other data in newspapers, it would be helpful.

Delhi government's counsel said they are advertising it and will do it more now.

Covid helpline toll free is 1075, Covid Helpline Delhi is 011-22307145, Child helpline is 1098 and senior citizen helpline is 14567.