Benno Keller, Special Advisor, The Geneva Association

Virtual Competition: Online Platforms, Consumer Outcomes and Competition in Insurance

Articles       Dec 05, 2018

  New business models in insurance Online platforms play an important role in insurance. Some of these platforms, such as digital comparison tools, have existed in some markets for many years and are important for insurance distribution.   Others are relatively new, such as peerto-peer insurance, self-organisation...

Boeing eyes Lion Air crash software upgrade in 6-8 weeks

International News       Nov 30, 2018

  Chicago: Boeing is weighing plans to launch a software upgrade for its 737 MAX in six to eight weeks that would help address a scenario faced by the Lion Air crew during last month's deadly crash in Indonesia, two people briefed on the matter said...

1 mn cloud computing jobs to be created by 2022 in India: Report

Data       Nov 23, 2018

With cloud computing becoming more prevalent in companies, both large and small, the global requirement for professionals is steadily on the rise and over over a million jobs in the sector will be created in the country by 2022, according to a report.   Companies are...

India:Broadband subscriber base at 463.6 million in August-end: DoT

Data       Nov 23, 2018

Amid explosive growth in data consumption, India's broadband subscriber numbers touched 463.6 million at the end of August 2018, up 0.74 per over the previous month, according to official data by the Department of Telecom (DoT). The number of broadband subscribers stood at 460.24 million...

IMD develops technology to assess rise of water level in rivers, reservoirs by rain

Indian News       Nov 23, 2018

  NEW DELHI: A new technology has been developed to assess the rise of water level in rivers and reservoirs by rain and can help state governments to minutely monitor the impact of rainfall, IMD chief K J Ramesh said, in the aftermath of the deadliest...

Tahsin Saadi Sedik, senior economist in the IMF’s Asia and Pacific Department

Asia’s Digital Revolution

Articles       Nov 17, 2018

  Asia is embracing the digital revolution. Companies such as Alibaba, Tencent, and Baidu are providing a wide range of services from e-commerce to fintech and cloud computing for customers in China and elsewhere. In Indonesia, GO-JEK offers services including ride-hailing,   Asia is embracing the digital...

Insurtech:Number of insurance patents filed jumps 40% in a year

International News       Nov 09, 2018

  Investment in insurtech is being stepped up, as the number of insurance-related patents filed worldwide jumped 40% last year, to 917 in 2017 (to Dec 31) from 657* in 2016.   RPC adds that insurance patent filings per annum have jumped by 116% over 5 years...

Mastercard, Visa losing market share to domestic payments networks: Jaitley

Indian News       Nov 08, 2018

  New Delhi: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said on Thursday that Mastercard and Visa were losing market share to domestic payments networks, months after Mastercard complained to the US government that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was using nationalism to promote a local rival.   Jaitley spoke about...

U.S. Agencies Split Over Cell Phone Cancer Risk

International News       Nov 07, 2018

  Two U.S. government agencies are giving conflicting interpretations of a safety study on cell phone radiation: One says it causes cancer in rats. The other says there’s no reason for people to worry.   No new research was issued but last week the National Toxicology Program...

Digital assistants, social media to be key for banking sector by 2022: Report

Indian News       Nov 07, 2018

  Mumbai: Digital assistants, social media and third party channels are expected to be the primary channels for banking by 2022, apart from mobile and online, a report said on Wednesday.   "After existing digital channels (mobile and online), digital assistants, social media and third party channels...

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