What Is Universal Basic Income?

Many ongoing and prospective experiments with universal basic income around the world refer to very different interventions. Examples include cash transfers to a selected group of unemployed people for a short time in Finland, to adults for 12 years in Kenya, and to randomly chosen households in California. This diversity reflects the absence of a unified definition and assessment methodology in both the literature and policy discourse.

Why many Americans will never be able to retire

Some see this as a positive trend, because it adds to the economy. But others rightfully view it with trepidation, because there’s the distinct possibility that many of these elderly people just can’t afford to retire. Whether their nest eggs were wiped out in the housing crash, or they just didn’t save enough, or whether their kids don’t make enough money to support them, the decline of retirement seems like an ominous development.

Robots haven’t eliminated many jobs – so far: World Bank

In its report, the World Bank instead stresses that the nature of work in the future will evolve. While technological advances in automation are starting to handle thousands of routine tasks and will eliminate many low-skill jobs in advanced economies and developing countries, it’s also creating opportunities for different, more productive and more creative jobs

Competition in Artificial Intelligence Is like new space race: Viewpoint

Improved image-recognition has worked wonders in some fields of medicine. For example, Google has developed a system for grading prostate cancer that does it more accurately than U.S. pathologists, and a Stanford team has achieved similar success with skin cancer. Where lots of data exist and precision is valued, AI can help humans make better decisions, even though it still messes up regularly when trained on biased data sets or is intentionally tricked. Humans are less prone to misidentifying objects and are better able to correct for their biases.

Life insurance vs Health insurance

Health insurance policies and life insurance policies are completely different from one another. They have different coverage benefits, pay different types of claims, have different premiums and also fulfil different financial needs of individuals.