Harnessing India’s Youth Power:Running out of time

“India is not taking advantage of its demographic dividend,” said Satyaki Roy, an associate professor at the Institute for Studies in Industrial Development in New Delhi. “If you see the story of South Korea, Taiwan and other East Asian countries, there was a concerted effort by those governments to create the kind of human capital required for industry.”

Beware the hype around AI. It has fooled many

A similar tale can be told of each of AI’s dozen diverse areas. One is the area of multi-agent systems, which focuses on designing the interaction between autonomous software agents such as self-driving cars. Another is automated planning. Yet another is machine learning, which many mistakenly view as being synonymous with AI. The staples of each area don’t quite jibe even with Minsky’s loose definition.

Found love at work? It may be unhealthy for the aspiring ‘power couple’

Author Arvind Parashar, who has worked with corporates like Dell, Genpact and GE in senior leadership roles before he took to full-time writing, said love is perceived to diminish when you attain the CXO level in the corporate world, but that is not actually the case always and several CEOs or power couples tend to be particular about the holidays and destinations with their family or partners. 

WHO releases first guideline on digital health interventions

One digital intervention already having positive effects in some areas is sending reminders to pregnant women to attend antenatal care appointments and having children return for vaccinations. Other digital approaches reviewed include decision-support tools to guide health workers as they provide care; and enabling individuals and health workers to communicate and consult on health issues from across different locations.

New crop of satellites will identify biggest contributors to Climate Change

“Space-based technologies are allowing us for the first time to quickly and cheaply measure greenhouse gases,” said Mark Brownstein, a senior vice president at Environmental Defense Fund, which plans to launch its MethaneSAT in 2021. “Oftentimes both government and industry are not fully aware of the magnitude of the opportunity to cut emissions. With that data, they can take action.”