“Biodiversity provides medicine and food of good quality and fights against climate risk, it makes sense to protect it”

Biodiversity-loss-among-very-top-risks:Axa’s AXA’s Chief Risk and Investment Officer AXA Group’s chief risk and investment officer, Alban de Mailly Nesle is required to ponder myriad dangers to the Paris-based insurer and its 830 billion-euro ($995 billion) asset management arm. He says one of the greatest and most under-appreciated threats to human health, economic vitality and the climate is the rapid reduction of the planet’s biodiversity.

In 1993, when he started his career at BNP Paribas SA, he didn’t imagine the earth’s ecosystems would become a top priority. But last year, AXA – the firm he joined in 2000 – and the WWF presented a report to the environment ministers of the Group of Seven countries about the economic impact of biodiversity loss.

De Mailly Nesle speaks to Bloomberg about biodiversity, its link to the climate, and the challenges of measuring so-called natural capital.

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“Millennial buyers and the maturity of digital tools will bring about profound change in insurance distribution models”

Though markets are very different across Asia, almost life insurers now have a digital transformation programs in place in the region, says Alby Van Wyk, Executive Vice President, Asia, Munich Re Automation Solutions. In an exclusive e-mail interview with Asia Insurance Post, he explains how the requirement and demand for IT systems that enables faster delivery and greater agility, will only continue to grow in Asian markets

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“Traditional products will become  simpler and standardized,the demand will be more for innovative products to cover emerging risks”

SN Rajeswari,General Manager, New India Assurance, has recently been selected to become the CMD of Delhi based Oriental Insurance Company.. In an exclusive interview with Asia Insurnace Post, she said technology will continue to disrupt the Industry.Customers have evolved significantly and rely on technology for information and feedback.
Therefore traditional marketing and communication strategies are not going to help customer retention,without the support of technology. Web aggregators supported by digital have emerged as a distribution channel in the insurance value chain.  Technology supported by human interface will take forward customer service and retention to a long way,she said.
Edited Excerpts”

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“There will be a post-Brexit trade deal between India and the UK”

“We’ve identified a number of areas where the UK and India can work more closely together in innovative financial services- cyber, green and fintech.In fact, our ties are already strong in these areas, and many firms from the UK are already based here. Vice versa many Indian firms are in the UK. After all London’s expertise perfectly matches India’s fast growing market”

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