Rohit Jain, Head of India, Willis Towers Watson

``Rapid technology growth compelling pragmatic shift in India's risk mitigation landscape''

Intermediaries, Non-Life       Jan 03, 2019

  How do you see the developments in the Indian re/insurance market in next five years? The Indian insurance industry is at an inflection point from where it is poised to grow manifold on the back of robust economic growth and higher disposable income. The industry...

V Manickam, Secretary, Life Insurance Council

``18 out of 24 companies are profitable in the Indian life insurance space in 2017-18’’

Life       Dec 20, 2018

 Why the New Business Premium growth in Life Insurance Industry has slowed down in 2017-18?  There is no slowdown in New Business growth and the industry is registering growth over growth.    In fact in terms of New Business Premium, Life Insurance Industry has been registering...

Tajinder Mukherjee, CMD, Natioanal Insurance Company

``The idea of sandbox regulation is good as it allows to introduce new products’’

Non-Life       Nov 26, 2018

  How do you see the Indian general insurance market by 2025?Can the present growth momentum be maintained over a period of time?  A double-digit growth has already started happening in the industry and we are expecting that it will continue to happen until 2025. Crop...

Rajive Kumaraswami, MD & CEO, Magma HDI General Insurance

``We aspire to touch Rs 1000 cr premium mark by the end of the fiscal''

      Nov 14, 2018

What is your business focus ? We are mainly a retail player and intend to maintain our corporate business at around 15% to 20% of the book. In future, we will continue to be focused on retail products across the motor and health family. We...

Jaideep Davare, Managing Director, Mahindra Insurance Brokers Ltd

``We have been able to reach insurance solutions to customers in over 2,00,000 villages in India''

Intermediaries       Oct 12, 2018

   How do you expect the developments in the India re/insurance market in next five years? New business premium underwritten in the Life Insurance market in FY 2017-2018 was Rs 1,93,900 Crore (USD 29 billion) with a compounded average growth rate (CAGR) of 23 per cent...

  Rajesh Kandwal,CEO & Managing Director,  Life Insurance Corporation (International) BSC (c), Bahrain

``We have initiated steps to obtain a Branch License in Qatar’’

      Sep 17, 2018

  How has been your performance in 2017 in terms of premiums, policies, claim settlement and profitability? The company has done quite well in the year 2017. We have posted good performance in all areas of operation and stands out as one of the major players...

Sanjay Radhakrishnan, CEO, JLT Independent Insurance

``JLT Independent has premium placements exceeding Rs 1000 cr in a span of three years’’

Intermediaries       Aug 14, 2018

  Which are the segments where JLT Independent is prominently present in India? Does the company handle only international clients or Indian companies as well? Over 85 per cent of our client base is local and segments such as energy, construction, large complex corporate risks, financial...

Winfried Heinen, Chairman of the Executive Board of Directors of General  Reinsurance AG,

``Market conditions are very tough in the Indian general reinsurance business''

Reinsurance       Jul 10, 2018

  Winfried Heinen, Chairman of the Executive Board of Directors of General  Reinsurance AG   Finally you have a direct branch operation in India. How do you see the journey so far?  Establishing a reinsurance branch is an important milestone for us. We firmly believe in the...

Ada Lam, Underwriter, Markel International Singapore

“China and India have seen growth in the demand for liability insurance”

      Apr 19, 2018

  How do you see the liability risks scenario in the Asian economies? The general liability risks scenario for India is viewed as low. However, this can be deceiving if applied across all of liability exposures as certain exposures at a primary level such as Directors...