Mahesh Balasubramanian, MD & CEO, Kotak General Insurance

``Opening up to 100% FDI may trigger a fresh wave of consolidation and change of shareholding''

Non-Life       Jan 01, 2020

How do you see the govt’s decision to allow 100 % FDI for insurance intermediaries? What will be its impacts on the industry particularly on the insurance broking front? Government’s decision is a welcome move. It will help more global capital and expertise to flow...

Prashant Tripathy, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of Max Life Insurance

``With increasing maturity, the FDI limits can be enhanced beyond 49%'' 

Life       Dec 01, 2019

  How do you see the govt’s decision to allow 100 % FDI for insurance intermediaries? What will be its impacts on the industry particularly on the insurance broking front? We welcome the government’s move to permit 100% foreign direct investment (FDI) in insurance intermediaries. Building...

Dr. Adel Mounir,Secretary General, The Federation of Afro-Asian Insurers & Reinsurers (FAIR)

``The FAIR Nat CAT pool  has gained the approval to operate in India’’

Eco/Invest/Demography, Non-Life, Reinsurance       Oct 01, 2019

  How do you see the developments of Afro- Asian Reinsurance and Insurance Industry? FAIR achieves economic integration among Afro-Asian countries. The Federation is active in setting up reinsurance bodies (Pools & Syndicates) for members to share risk and benefit from their capacities, these in return...

Atul Sahai, CMD, New India Assurance

``Growth and profitability are equally important''

Non-Life       Jun 28, 2019

  What are your board agenda for NIA now? The year to date permormance has not been great as we were hit by multiple catastrophe claims in                 India and abroad coupled with non-operational issues like write down of the investments and impact of change in accounting...

Victor Kuk, Managing Director and Head, Client Markets Southeast Asia, India, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan,P&C Reinsurance Asia,Swiss Re

``We do write a lot of agriculture business and it contributes to about 40% of our business in India''

Reinsurance       Apr 01, 2019

  Swiss Re has completed more than one year of direct operations in Indian market. How do you see the Indian market? The reason that we have established direct operations in India is because we wanted to be on the ground, to better understand and cater...

Alice Vaidyan, CMD, GIC Re

``We are more focused on improving the pricing and the other terms and conditions''

Non-Life, Reinsurance       Jan 27, 2019

What are the broad strategies now to take GIC Re ahead both in International and domestic markets? We will discuss about the domestic market first.  I think, the fact that the GIC Re got listed was a very good thing and now look at the...

Rohit Jain, Head of India, Willis Towers Watson

``Rapid technology growth compelling pragmatic shift in India's risk mitigation landscape''

Intermediaries, Non-Life       Jan 03, 2019

  How do you see the developments in the Indian re/insurance market in next five years? The Indian insurance industry is at an inflection point from where it is poised to grow manifold on the back of robust economic growth and higher disposable income. The industry...

V Manickam, Secretary, Life Insurance Council

``18 out of 24 companies are profitable in the Indian life insurance space in 2017-18’’

Life       Dec 20, 2018

 Why the New Business Premium growth in Life Insurance Industry has slowed down in 2017-18?  There is no slowdown in New Business growth and the industry is registering growth over growth.    In fact in terms of New Business Premium, Life Insurance Industry has been registering...

Tajinder Mukherjee, CMD, Natioanal Insurance Company

``The idea of sandbox regulation is good as it allows to introduce new products’’

Non-Life       Nov 26, 2018

  How do you see the Indian general insurance market by 2025?Can the present growth momentum be maintained over a period of time?  A double-digit growth has already started happening in the industry and we are expecting that it will continue to happen until 2025. Crop...