Peter Estlin, Lord Mayor of the City of London

Building Indian Fintech & Cyber Security

Eco/Invest/Demography, Technology       Sep 20, 2019

I have visited India at least once a year – every year! – for the last 20 years.And I am delighted I can continue my visits now, as the Lord Mayor - an international representative for UK financial and professional services which have had their...

Unlocking value for P&C insurers : Advanced analytics may present a crucial way

Non-Life, Technology       Aug 21, 2019

  The latest sigma report from the Swiss Re Institute, "Advanced analytics: unlocking new frontiers in P&C insurance", suggests that technology advances are enabling P&C insurers to unlock new frontiers in risk assessment and mitigation thanks to advanced analytics.   Past successes that focused on improving expense...

7 global trends making engineering & construction projects bigger & costlier than ever

Non-Life, Reinsurance, Risk Management, Technology       Aug 20, 2019

  Johannesburg/London/Munich/New York/Paris/Sao Paolo/Singapore: Large engineering and construction projects have changed beyond recognition in recent decades. Whether it is an airport, a power plant or a car manufacturing complex, sites are now much larger, more complex and more expensive, meaning more is at stake if things...

Closing the infrastructure gap

Eco/Invest/Demography, Risk Management       Aug 19, 2019

  The 2008 Global Financial Crisis left the world in ruins. Inflation, debt and unemployment was everywhere. but there were some regions more resilient than others. A different narrative emerged in Southeast Asia. While growth has slowed among the 10-nation Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean)...

Africa's working-age population likely to top Asian labour force by 2100

Eco/Invest/Demography       Jul 21, 2019

Africa’s potential workforce will likely be larger than that of Asia by the end of the 21st century as both continents wrestle with different demographic and economic challenges.   The number of 15-to-64-year-old Africans today is a quarter of the size of Asia’s working-age population. By...

WHO updates global guidance on medicines and diagnostic tests

Eco/Invest/Demography, Health       Jul 16, 2019

  WHO’s Essential Medicines List and List of Essential Diagnostics are core guidance documents that help countries prioritize critical health products that should be widely available and affordable throughout health systems.   Published a couple of days back, the two lists focus on cancer and other global...

Vineet Arora MD & CEO, Aegon Life Insurance. 

Time for your first Term Plan

Life       Jul 15, 2019

With youth comes a sense of carefree bliss accompanied by a short-termoutlook towards life. However, as we age and progress in life, we begin to absorb the significance of planning for the long-term, for a time when we have long gone.    Providing financial protection to...

Five Facts on Fintech

Eco/Invest/Demography, Technology       Jun 29, 2019

By Tobias Adrian and Ceyla Pazarbasioglu From artificial intelligence to mobile applications, technology helps to increase your access to secure and efficient financial products and services.   Since fintech offers the chance to boost economic growth and expand financial inclusion in all countries, the IMF and...

Cyber Liability: the last frontier of the insurance

Non-Life, Risk Management, Technology       Jun 28, 2019

  Hackers and cyber thieves are growing in number and in the sophistication of their attacks. Attacks that do not require hackers to directly breach systems – fileless attacks – are ten times more likely to succeed than file-based attacks. These fileless attacks, also known as...