Risk Management

Rajiv Kumar,Vice Chairman,Niti Aayog

Second Covid wave could spark greater economic uncertainty: Niti Aayog VC

Indian News       Apr 18, 2021

  New Delhi: The country needs to prepare for "greater uncertainty" in terms of consumer as well as investor sentiments due to the second wave of coronavirus infections, and the government will respond with fiscal measures as and when required, Niti Aayog Vice Chairman Rajiv Kumar...

Covid-19 will leave deep scars in world economy even after recovery

International News       Apr 18, 2021

  Enda Curran & Simon Kennedy Just as some patients recovering from Covid-19 suffer long-lasting symptoms, it’s becoming clear that the same will be true for the global economy once this year’s V-shaped rebound fades. While $26 trillion worth of crisis support and the arrival of...

M Rajeshwar Rao, deputy governor,Reserve Bank of India

Customer privacy, data protection non-negotiable: RBI deputy governor

Indian News       Apr 17, 2021

  MUMBAI: Reserve Bank deputy governor M Rajeshwar Rao has said that technological innovation in banking is of paramount importance but cannot be pursued at the cost of customer privacy and data protection which are non-negotiable. "We must generate trust amongst the customers that their data...

The British want to clean up outer space

International News       Apr 16, 2021

  A defunct satellite spent early April hurtling through space toward the body of an old rocket, threatening a collision that the European Union’s Space Surveillance and Tracking Consortium estimated could generate more than 4 million pieces of debris. In the end, the two objects just...

White House blames Russian spy agency SVR for SolarWinds hack: statement

      Apr 16, 2021

  The White House said in a statement on Thursday that Russia’s foreign intelligence service, known as the SVR, was responsible for the (SWI.N) SolarWinds hack, which led to the compromise of nine federal agencies and hundreds of private sector companies. Senior U.S. government officials had...

Fears of vaccine exclusion as India uses digital ID, facial recognition

Indian News       Apr 16, 2021

  Fears of vaccine exclusion as India uses digital ID, facial recognitionMillions of vulnerable people are at risk of missing out on Covid-19 vaccines as India uses its national digital identity for registration and pilots facial recognition technology at inoculation centres, rights groups and experts said....

How the Kremlin provides a safe harbor for ransomware

International News       Apr 16, 2021

  BOSTON: A global epidemic of digital extortion known as ransomware is crippling local governments, hospitals, school districts and businesses by scrambling their data files until they pay up. Law enforcement has been largely powerless to stop it. One big reason: Ransomware rackets are dominated by...

EU set to ban surveillance, start fines under new AI rules

Indian News       Apr 16, 2021

The European Union is poised to ban artificial intelligence (AI) systems used for mass surveillance or for ranking social behavior, while companies developing AI could face fines as high as 4% of global revenue if they fail to comply with new rules governing the software...

Lloyd’s Lab announces its sixth cohort with a focus on product simplification and climate

International News       Apr 15, 2021

  London: Lloyd’s has today announced the next eleven InsurTech start-ups joining the sixth cohort of the Lloyd’s Lab innovation accelerator programme, which will be focused on creating simpler products for customers, including building solutions related to climate risks. This follows Lloyd’s commitments to reducing complexity...

Flexible working is more than just a laptop at Home, Survey says

Facts       Apr 15, 2021

  Employers risk creating an unhealthy working culture in the post-pandemic world by embracing remote work without true flexibility, a survey led by King’s College London found. Businesses need to avoid giving the illusion of flexibility while still expecting staff to put in long hours and...

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