US court rules dating App not liable for harassing content

Risk Management       Mar 29, 2019

  A U.S. federal appeals court refused to hold Grindr liable to a New York man who said his former boyfriend used the gay dating app to post fake profiles, in a harassment campaign that caused more than 1,000 men to approach the victim for sex.  ...

'87% women would quit over sexual harassment, bias in hiring'

Eco/Invest/Demography, Employee Benefits       Mar 25, 2019

  In the wake of various public allegations of misconduct a recent survey has revealed that 87 percent of women would be likely to leave their job if a gender-based scandal like sexual harassment, bias in hiring among others occurred at the company they work for.  ...

Fathers-to-be who smoke may harm their babies

Health, Risk Management       Mar 24, 2019

  Beijing:  Fathers-to-be, take note! Smoking may increase the baby's risk of developing congenital heart defects―the leading cause of stillbirth, a study has found.   Congenital heart affect eight in 1,000 babies born worldwide. Prognosis and quality of life continues to improve with innovative surgeries, but the...

Wipro Chairman Premji pledges 34 percent of company shares for philanthropy

Eco/Invest/Demography, Wealth Management       Mar 13, 2019

  Wipro Ltd Chairman Azim Premji has pledged about 34 percent of the company’s shares,worth 527.50 billion rupees ($7.5 billion) controlled by him toward philanthropy, the Azim Premji Foundation said on Wednesday.   The commitment, would take the total value of the endowment corpus contributed by Premji...

61% office-goers in India want commuting time to be included in working hours: Survey

Eco/Invest/Demography, Employee Benefits, Health       Mar 13, 2019

  A majority of office-goers in India want commuting time to be included in their working hours, according to IWG Global Workspace survey. Over 80 per cent of the companies in India are introducing flexible working to help attract and retain employees, it said.   IWG, one...

Bullying bosses have negative impact on employees

Trends, Facts       Mar 10, 2019

  A new research now says that employees who are being bullied by their bosses are much more likely to be under work stress, become less committed to the jobs or even retaliate.   The research, done by Portland State University and published in the Journal of...

Kane Tanaka, recognised as the world's oldest person, the Guinness World Records

116-Year-Old Japanese Woman Named World's Oldest Living Person

Eco/Invest/Demography, Health, Life       Mar 09, 2019

A 116-year-old Japanese woman who still enjoys studying math and playing board games has been recognised as the world's oldest person, the Guinness World Records said on Saturday. Kane Tanaka was born on 2 January 1903, the year when the Wright brothers launched the first...

Not just heart & lungs: Passive smoking can raise kidney disease risk

Health       Mar 08, 2019

SEOUL: Besides affecting your heart and lungs, exposure to second-hand or passive smoking can also raise the chances of chronic kidney disease (CKD), which can lead to renal failure, warns a new study.    The findings showed that individuals with less or more than 3 days...

At 30%, India's youth inactivity highest among emerging mkts: IMF economist

Eco/Invest/Demography       Mar 06, 2019

  Youth inactivity is the highest in India among emerging and developing economies, IMF senior economist John Bluedorn said on Wednesday.   Bluedorn was speaking on labour market in emerging and developing economies at an event organised by Brookings India. "Youth inactivity is the highest in India...

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