Getting Real on Climate Change Commitments

Climate, Environment, Renewable Energy       May 03, 2019

By Christine Lagarde and Vitor Gaspar Climate change is the great existential challenge of our times. It is a challenge that spans all regions, with especially severe consequences for low-income countries.   Without mitigating actions, global temperatures are projected to rise by 4oC above pre-industrial levels...

Hélène Stanway, digital leader at AXA XL 

Internet of Things: Value for Insureds 

Risk Management, Technology       Mar 25, 2019

  The Internet of Things is transforming the way we live and work. And we believe it can change the way risk is managed and underwritten.   Last year, the number of connected “things” surpassed the number of human beings on the planet. Many of us live...

Closing the Gender Gap

Eco/Invest/Demography, Employee Benefits, Health       Mar 11, 2019

As girls, we were raised with the belief that we could accomplish anything, and that no barrier was insurmountable. Yet, for so many women, the reality doesn’t quite meet their aspirations. Things weren’t exactly equal in the relatively conservative middle-class society in India where we...

AI and Risk Management

  For risk professionals, it can be difficult to make sense of the many and varied perspectives around artificial intelligence. While the theoretical discussions about long-term impacts on society are important to understand and track, the more pressing issue is to understand the impacts on your...

Mukadder Erdoenmez, Head International Casualty Europe/ Middle East & Africa/ Latin America, AXA XL

Insuring The Sharing Economy

, It sometimes feels as if the sharing economy, which is how companies that facilitate peer-to-peer transactions via an online platform/smartphone app are referred to, emerged virtually overnight.   The sharing economy is also projected to continue expanding and disrupting many established industries. PwC estimates, for...

Interim Budget 2019-20: Focussing on Health Insurance & Wearable Technology

Eco/Invest/Demography, Health, Regulation       Jan 29, 2019

  The current NDA government ushered in a new hope amongst the Indians with its call for ‘health assurance’ replacing the traditional ‘health insurance’. According to the EY 2018 report on ‘Global analysis of health insurance in India’, only 20% of the 1.3 billion population in...

Vishal Sharma, Executive Vice President, Bancassurance – Retail Business, HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company

Bonding with Banks 

Banking & Bancassurance, Intermediaries       Jan 17, 2019

  The privatisation of the insurance industry in the 2000s gave an overall boost to the insurance sector. However, till late 2012, banks were allowed to sell insurance products of just one insurancecompany, in each category. Thereafter, with the new regulation, banks were allowed to adopt...

Global debt reaches an all-time high of $184 trillion, 225 percent of GDP in 2017

Eco/Invest/Demography, Risk Management       Jan 03, 2019

  Until recently, we had a partial view of global debt. Our new update to the IMF’s Global Debt Database, first made public in May 2018, now fills even more of the gaps. We have compiled data on public and private debt for 190 countries, dating...

James Tuplin, Head of Cyber & TMT, AXA XL

What does the future hold for data privacy?

Risk Management, Technology       Dec 27, 2018

  As cyber underwriters, a big part of our job is to be curious, to piece together “what-ifs” to try to analyse as yet unknown or untested risks. Our role is to look at constantly evolving technology, and a shifting regulatory environment, and consider the liability...

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