As dust storms brew, India breathes toxic air throughout the year

Health       Jun 19, 2018

  In 2018 alone, there have been 50 severe storms across 16 Indian states that have led to more than 500 deaths, compared to 22 storms between 2003 and 2017   Deadly dust storms sweeping over the densely-populated north Indian plains are part of a "new normal"...

Tech Push for Micro Insurance

Technology       Jun 17, 2018

  Being one of the fastest developing economies, India has witnessed the growth of several sectors in the past two decades. However, Insurance is still one of the least evolved sectors in terms of innovation, efficiency, and transparency. Now with key developments in insurance regulations, the...

Despite progress, India has a long way to go in digital and financial inclusion: W20

Economy       Jun 14, 2018

  Despite significant progress in the Digital India campaign, India still has a long way to go when it comes to growth in financial inclusion, in particular that of women, an Indian delegate to the W-20, which represents women from G-20 countries, said. In its first...

Natural resources mismanagement pose interruption & liability risks for biz:Allianz Study

Risk Management       Jun 12, 2018

  Natural resources such as clean air and fresh water are vital for businesses – and at the same time massively at risk across many industry sectors today. Failure to manage the earth’s natural resources or “natural capital” has consequences that extend beyond direct effects on...

B.N. Srikrishna , a former Supreme Court Judge

Srikrishna panel likely recommendations make Google and Amazon Nervous

Risk Management       Jun 11, 2018

B.N. Srikrishna is a genial, 77-year-old former Supreme Court judge who recites Shakespeare and Sanskrit scriptures with equal facility. But he’s making the likes of Google, Amazon and Facebook more than a little nervous.   Srikrishna is leading the effort to draft new data-privacy laws for...

AI matching human intelligence still decades away: CA research scientists

Technology       Jun 10, 2018

  Artificial Intelligence (AI) is still decades away in matching human intelligence, despite major advances, according to scientists at CA technologies who are involved in cutting-edge research.   "On true general intelligence there has been a lot of work, but the whole scientific community agrees that it...

Personal Cyber Insurance-Security Packages Being Tested with Wealthy

Risk Management       Jun 08, 2018

  Insurance is supposed to make you feel safe, but even those who sell special cyber-security protection packages worry about hacking threats.   What makes Jerry Hourihan lose sleep is that everyone’s information already is likely compromised. Hourihan is head of the U.S. private client group for...

How Carmakers Raise Prices for Spare Parts Based on ‘Perceived Value’: Reuters

Non Life-News       Jun 04, 2018

Carmakers including Renault, Jaguar Land Rover and Peugeot have boosted revenues by over $1 billion in the past decade by using sophisticated pricing software, according to sales presentations prepared by the software vendor, Accenture, and other documents filed in a court case.   The software works,...

Strict curbs on global warming to buoy world economy: Study

Climate Change       Jun 02, 2018

  Stringent limits on global warming would bolster the world economy by averting tens of trillions of dollars in damage this century from heat waves, droughts and floods, a U.S. study said on Wednesday.   The report, among the first to assess the economics of the 2015...

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