Scientific Facts

NASA tracks monsoon rains behind Kerala floods

Facts       Aug 22, 2018

  Washington: NASA has released a video created using satellite data that provides an estimate of the intense rainfall over India in the past week and shows the spread of the resulting severe flooding in Kerala and parts of Karnataka. The summer monsoon is a regular...

Scientists to publish first-ever land health report

Articles       Mar 26, 2018

Scientists will publish the first-ever analysis Monday of the global state of land and its ability to sustain a fast-growing human population that relies on it for 95 percent of all food.   The diagnosis is likely to be dire, providing a comprehensive overview of what...

32 per cent Indians blame technology as a major sleep distraction

Facts       Mar 15, 2018

  NEW DELHI: Indians are missing on good sleep due to distractions by technology but would also not mind prioritising exercise over a deep slumber, shows a survey.    According to a global survey by Philips, 32 per cent Indian adults report technology as a major sleep...